Gym & Marketing SEO Tips

The Best Gym and Fitness Club Actionable SEO Marketing Strategies

Reaching your ideal audience will never be easier. You need to realize what you will market to your audience once you have obtained their attention. Just like when you exercise there is an end goal you try to achieve. 10 Excellent Marketing Strategies For Gyms. There needs to be a clear goal. Are you looking to increase new memberships, raise brand awareness, and Run deals for current members?

Facebook Weight-loss Promotion

Since you’re trying to attract new members to your gym a Facebook promotion is perfect for a group of people looking to get in shape for summer. An ideal timespan would be to start when the fitness motivation is at its highest around January 1 and end the first day of summer. Creating a catchy name like “Summer meltdown” would be a unique program that a coach would put together for fast weight loss and a toned summer body.

Special or Gym Anniversary

The most over-hyped New Year’s resolution is always to get fit. Gyms typically respond to this fitness-related New Year’s resolution with massive membership discounts for people who sign up within a certain amount of time after the new year begins. It is never a bad time to offer a promotion,

but make sure you take advantage of scarcity, which means that people are more willing to purchase something if it’s only available for a limited time.

for example, egg nog is only available during December Thus, it’s important not to let your promotion run all year round otherwise the scarcity value will heavily be depreciated. potential customers will begin to associate the discounted price to be the normal price.

Free Training Day

Create a landing page and use your gym website in combination with your landing page for non-members where they can sign in with any social platform either Twitter, Facebook, or email to receive a free one-to-one session with a personal trainer or join in for either a paid or free class.

When the potential customer uses one of the above methods to sign-up they will get the free class. You are now one step closer because you have their information to provide them with extensive information through email or online even after they claim their free training.